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Make your moving convenient and safe. Our movers know how to take care of your property and relocate it without any stress.
You can rely on our well trained specialists to get the job done professionally, safely, on time with fair price.
Labor Moving

Some cases when you may need moving labour

Here are some non-moving situations where you may consider hiring some moving help:

• Packing things for storage

• Unloading a storage unit

· Carrying heavy objects within your home, especially up or down stairs

• Unpacking things from storage

If you have any of these problems, feel free to call Dana Point Moving.

Labor Moving

Sometimes you need to move your belongings but you don't need to ship them. That is when you may need moving labour. Moving labour can be defined as any physical aspect of moving that doesn't involve the actual shipping of your items. Most moving companies offer moving labour services in lieu of more full-service moving options. When might you need moving labour and what can you expect from the service? Read on to find out.


1. We can be trusted. We are an experienced moving company. The most important thing for us is reputation. Therefore, it is not profitable for us to send you any random people. We have completed about 20,000 orders of varying complexity. A lot of people in California order movers from us. We value our customers, so we have so many of them.

2. We hire loaders for permanent work. Our movers go through a selection on which antisocial elements, people with criminal records and bad habits are eliminated. Then loaders are given a uniform and training is provided.

3. We are liable for our movers. Therefore, the dispatcher will never send a mover in an order that does not meet the level of his qualifications.

4. Punctuality, responsibility and organization. We value your time, just set us a task, and we will complete everything. Everyone who contacted our service in Yaroslavl already appreciated the benefits of transporting property using the services of professional movers.

5. We give presents and pleasant discounts to our most loyal customers.

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