Dana Point Moving Company tips

Moving Process

Before the Move

• Call us (949) 652-7623 or visit our free estimate page.

• One of our highly trained moving consultants will discuss with you every aspect of your move and provide you with expected price.

• You will receive multiple phone calls from us confirming the status of your move. We can also recommend you other companies or services that you may need during the moving process.

• Our dispatch will call 48 hours before your move to discuss the exact pickup time of your household goods

• The dispatch with logistically figure out the delivery schedule based on your first available day for

delivery in your new location.

• Equipment and trucks are necessarily checked for quality.

Moving Process

Advice on your Moving Process: Before the Move, Crew Arrival, Loading, Transit, Unloading, Final stage, After the Move

Crew Arrival

• After we arrive, we will ask and answer some questions.

• Our team will inspect your house and the Team Leader will decide the strategy.

It will include:

• Safe truck parking.

• Disassembling of all needed furniture.

• Marking every item, and logging them on the bill of lading.

• Furniture from any material will be covered with blankets.

• The Team Leader will tell you about the first available day you are able to receive your furniture and mark it on your bill of lading.

• Our staff can professionally pack your items, if you wish.

• We will answer any questions regarding your move or moving in general.


• Your items are quickly and carefully removed from your house.

• Each item is put in the truck in a pre-determined loading sequence. All our trucks are guaranteed to be clean and sanitized.

• It is our policy that each furniture item must be covered on all exposed sides with protective padding. We use the heaviest moving blankets available.

• We walk through the house to make sure we did not leave anything behind and to confirm that all the items you want to move have been professionally loaded onto our moving truck.

• Please, note that safety engineering not allowed to rush up movers to avoid any accidents, they already do the job as fast as possible.


• Our professional drivers will deliver all your stuff to the new location. Most damage arises during transit from the turbulence of the road, but all Dana Point Moving Company trucks have air ride suspension which is the softest suspension a truck can have.

• Professional navigation software guarantees that our crews travel the most direct route to arrive promptly at your destination.


• The team will quickly inspect your new house; taking notes how your items can be placed. Then the truck is unloaded.

• After all items are unloaded, the team members will walk around the house and re-arrange everything exactly where you want them.

Final stage

• We will ask you to fill out a report card on how we did the move.

Note: The better scores you give Dana Point Moving Company the more bonuses your moving team can receive. Our also provides the customers with a copy of their shipment weight.

After the Move

• Your Moving Assistant will call you to discuss how did you like the move. We will also think if we can help you with something at that time.

Office Move

Dana Point Moving Company is here to assist you during the relocation of your office.

This type of move can be very stressful, demanding and challenging. If you want to be sure everything goes smoothly, you should call Dana Point Moving Company. It has the knowledge and capacity to get the job done quickly and efficiently so that you can concentrate on your own operations. Everything from the pre- planning stage to the delivery and install will go smoothly. Trust us!

Our Services Include:

• Well Skilled Movers

• Preplanning of the Move

· Labeling Systems and Tips

· Move Coordination

• Technics Prep and Setup

• Cabling

• Storage (both short and long term)

• Disposal

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