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Packing Tips

We suggest using our useful tips on how to pack your goods for transportation.

The 7 tips will make your move a lot easier, faster and more effective:

1. First solve the initial dilemma of packing for home moving: self-packing or professional packers? Self-packing can save you money, but only professionals can guarantee the safety and speed you need.

2. Optimize the amount of things you take with you. Give up everything you no longer need. Throw away old, useless or broken objects. Be active and earn money by selling items that you no longer need. The fewer things you take, the less money you will pay for moving.

Packing Tips

Do-it-yourself packing is a big job, but it can be a worthwhile way to save money on your relocation costs. With the right materials and a little help from Dana Point Moving Company in the form of packing tips, you can achieve professional results and maximize the protection of your possessions. Packing tips are extremely useful when it comes time to box up your household. By packing things appropriately and in an organized fashion, damage can be prevented. Plus, the better you pack, the easier it will be to unpack at your new residence.

3. When to start collecting things? Once your apartment move is confirmed, you should consider starting the necessary preparations. It’s never too early to start packing! Create a packing schedule and follow it strictly so you don’t waste precious time.

4. One thing is clear – you cannot start packaging without providing the necessary packaging materials. You will need soft wrapping paper, air bubble film, stretch film, scotch tape, but the undisputed king of all packaging materials is a cardboard box for packaging.

5. Quality packaging materials can significantly increase your final shipping costs. Reduce your packaging costs by purchasing cardboard boxes for shipping for free or at a reduced price. Knowing where to find these boxes will be good for your budget.

6. Do not spend extra time packing items that are unsafe for transportation. Hazardous combustible, corrosive, or explosive materials pose a serious transportation hazard, so make sure you dispose of them correctly before starting the packaging marathon.

7. Your main goal is safe packaging – carefully inspect the cardboard boxes that you have and discard those that have any significant signs of damage (in most cases, water damage). In addition, secure the bottom and sides of each box with tape to prevent troubles on the day of moving.

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